KLAS: 4 popular EMR vendors ranked by global customer satisfaction

Posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 By: KorchekStaff

KLAS: 4 popular EMR vendors ranked by global customer satisfaction


Epic ranked as the No. 1 EMR vendor for customer satisfaction based on survey data from providers across the globe, according to a KLAS Research report.

KLAS Research polled more than 300 executives, directors and managers from hospitals and clinics about their experiences with popular EMRs for its report. The health IT research firm noted Epic customers particularly appreciated the EMR vendor's strong partnerships and prescriptive implementations, which helped drive a "highly consistent experience," despite the vendor "lacking some regional nuance."

Here are four popular multiregional EMR vendors, ranked by customer satisfaction on a 100-point scale:

1. Epic (based on 25 customers): 88.9

2. Cerner (based on 68 customers): 78.3

3. Allscripts (based on 33 customers): 73.6

4. InterSystems (based on 55 customers): 72.4

The report also provided data on Meditech, which earned a 79.8 customer satisfaction rating. However, KLAS Research noted that the small number of respondents using these products in its sample prevented the firm from generalizing its findings.

KLAS Research noted Cerner, which ranked second in customer satisfaction, was the only EMR vendor with customers in every region, including Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Cerner had very few dissatisfied customers, although KLAS Research noted customers said Cerner's products and approach generally felt "U.S. focused."