Microsoft data breach targeted cryptocurrency users

Posted on: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 By: KorchekStaff

The data breach, which occurred between Jan. 1 and March 28, was the result of a hacker gaining control of a Microsoft customer support worker's login credentials. The hacker was able to obtain any non-corporate Outlook, Hotmail and MSN accounts and the contents of all emails.

In the wake of the data breach, one of the reasons for it may have been solved. Victims of the attack are telling stories about hackers attempting to drain their cryptocurrency accounts, Motherboard reports.

"The hackers also had access to my inbox allowing them to password reset my account and withdrawal my Bitcoin," a Microsoft user told Motherboard in an email. Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange.

One Microsoft user said he lost just over one bitcoin, or roughly $5,000 at its current exchange rate. Another user wrote in a Reddit post that he lost "25,000 in crypto," Motherboard reports.

Microsoft has set up a support team to assist users who were affected by the security breach.

"Customers who believe they have been impacted beyond what was outlined in the company's notification should contact the Microsoft support team for assistance," a company spokesperson told Motherboard.