Neonatal Nurses Week ends Sept. 15: 4 things to know

Posted on: Thursday, September 12, 2019 By: KorchekStaff

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses is celebrating Neonatal Nurses Week from September 9-15 this year.

Four things to know about Neonatal Nurses Week: 

1. NANN has held a Neonatal Nurses Day annually since 2000. This year marks the first time NANN expanded the campaign into a weeklong event.

2. The campaign aims to celebrate neonatal nurses' hard work and dedication. It's also a time for neonatal nurses to take pride in their work and the long-lasting differences they make in the lives of infants and their families.

3. The Neonatal Nurses Week theme is "We Save Babies!" The phrase was NANN's 32nd Annual Conference's wifi password in 2016. NANN says nurses continued to reference the phrase, so they used it as the theme to honor neonatal nurses' dedication to saving infants' lives.

4. Celebrate by raising awareness, NANN says. Posters for neonatal intensive care units are available on their website, and nurses can use the hashtag #NeonatalNursesWeek on social media platforms to share their neonatal pride.