Epic Systems announces epic shakeup for four departments

Posted on: Monday, August 17, 2020 By: KorchekStaff

 Just a day after backing off plans to starting bringing its employees back to the workplace, Epic Systems revealed Friday that it plans to consolidate four of its departments into one overarching division.

In an email to workers, the company explained the members of its End User Training, Implementation, Quality Assurance, and Technical Communications teams would all be folded under the umbrella of Application Services.

The members of this new division will be tasked with getting new features ready for and deployed to end users. They will work closely with the research and development team.

“This change will provide opportunities to go beyond current boundaries and develop broader expertise. Your added expertise will help our customers,” the email read.

Epic told the people currently filling those roles that the change will be effective immediately and assured them that they will have a place in the department, implying that no jobs will be immediately eliminated following the consolidation.

According to the email, this latest move builds upon changes over the past few years that reduced install timelines for users and altered they way that software is deployed. Company officials explained that their customers had been pushing for Epic to change the way it handled out-of-the-box implementations.

“As we continue to expand our engagement with smaller facilities, a traditional approach often feels out of reach for them,” they said.

Epic promised affect employees that they will be receiving more information about their new roles in the coming weeks.

Friday’s email made no reference to the week-long saga that started when it was revealed the company would start requiring some employees who are currently working from home to return to campus next month. Company officials backtracked late this week and now say employees won’t have to come back until the new year at least.