Hacking group targeting hospitals, FBI warns

Posted on: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 By: KorchekStaff

The FBI has released a warning to hospitals and health systems about the operators of the Kwampirs Remote Access Trojan.

The hacking group uses malware to gain access to hospitals' machines and networks, with the primary goal of performing computer network exploitation activities. An investigation found this group is heavily targeting the healthcare, software supply chain, energy and engineering industries.

Specifically to hospitals and health systems, the Kwampirs attacks have been effective. The group has gained access to major transnational healthcare companies and local hospitals.

When the attackers target hospitals, they are gaining access through vendor software supply chain and hardware products. 

To prevent these attacks, the FBI published nine best practices hospitals and health systems IT teams should employ. 

This comes after two leading cybercriminal groups said they will stop targeting healthcare organizations as the coronavirus outbreak spreads