How Connecticut is developing a multimillion-dollar statewide HIE

Posted on: Monday, February 3, 2020 By: KorchekStaff

Connecticut government officials are working to launch the state's new health information exchange before its $48 million in federal funding for the project runs out, according to a Jan. 30 CT News Junkie report.

The federal funding allocated for the development of the statewide health information exchange is expected to expire in the next 22 months, according to the report.

Last July, government officials established the Health Information Alliance to help manage and rollout the HIE. The nonprofit entity partnered with the University of Connecticut to develop the infrastructure for the statewide HIE. Once complete, Health Information Alliance will team up with organizations looking to share and/or potentially purchase electronic health information.

One year after the HIE becomes operational, Connecticut hospitals and clinical labs will be required to join the exchange. As of Jan. 30, no organizations had signed up for the HIE, said Allan Hackney, Connecticut's health information technology officer, according to the report. 

The government's first goal is to get organizations to sign up and start using the exchange service, Mr. Hackney said. The $48 million in federal funds Connecticut receives may help offset the cost of providers who join.

Officials are developing a plan for when the federal funding runs out. After that happens, the HIE will cost $9.5 million to $10.5 million annually to operate, Mr. Hackney said.

Jill Hummel, president of Anthem, suggested Connecticut consider making the HIE a public entity to distribute operational costs, according to the report.