CareChek Positive Patient Identification System

The CareChek™ patient identification system uses bar code scanning to ensure positive patient ID at the bedside. CareChek is designed to eliminate manual errors and maximize reimbursement.  Improving patient identification has been a Joint Commission and CAP initiative for the past 5 years.

Blood Administration

CareChek Tx™

CareChek Tx™ can help you reduce the chance of mis-transfusion by matching the blood product to the patient. Patient ID, transfusion requirements, and special instructions are all confirmed at the bedside. Adverse events and reactions are all documented.

  • Interfaced Vitals
  • Real time capture of activities ensures the accuracy of your documentation
  • No additional ID bands to confuse caregivers
  • Customized transfusion requirements
  • Transfusion time monitoring
  • No additional labeling of blood units
  • 510 (k) cleared medical device (BK040053)

Specimen Collection

CareChek Sp™

CareChek Sp™ can help you reduce the chance of mis-labeling specimens by printing bar-coded specimen labels at the bedside. CareChek Sp™ is the only system that ensures labeling in the presence of the patient (NPSG.01.01.01).

  • Patient ID, phlebotomist ID and tube identification are all confirmed at the bedside
  • Reduces mislabeled specimens
  • Ability to label body fluids, urines, ect.
  • Turnaround time reports
  • Confirmation of correct tubes drawn
  • Complete audit tracking
  • Color-coded dashboard monitoring
  • Stat warnings and messaging

Medication Administration

CareChek Rx™

CareChek Rx™ will help eliminate medication errors, improve bedside documentation, and improve Joint Commission compliance. CareChek Rx enforces the five rights of medication administration: right patient, right drug, right time, right dose, and right route.

  • Real time capture of activities improves documentation
  • Fulfills FDA requirement for bar-coding drugs
  • Customized clinical error reports to monitor potential sentinel events
  • Ensures the "5 rights"
  • Records user defined adverse effects
  • Security reports track personnel, equipment, and system access
  • Medication reconciliation

Breast Milk Management

CareChek Lc™

The CareChek Lc™ Breast Milk Management system uses bar code scanning to ensure positive newborn identification during feeding. Mothers’ breast milk offers vital nutrients and immunological aid to a premature baby. However, it also has the potential to carry blood borne pathogens and may transmit disease. The separation of the mother and child in a hospital environment increases the risk of breast milk management errors. CareChek Lc™ ensures the correct milk is given to the correct newborn.

  • Eliminate breast milk management errors
  • Improve bedside documentation
  • Supports both in- and out-patient milk collection and inventory tracking
  • Customized clinical error reports to monitor potential sentinel events
  • Track multiple births to one mother
  • Formula & Additive tracking
  • Supports pooling & splitting with minimal relabeling
  • Manage Donor Milk and Formula

Catheter Tracking

CareChek Ct™

CareChek Ct™ Catheter Tracking system uses bar-code technology to promote vigilance in recording insertion and maintenance of all indwelling lines. CareChek Ct™ is the best evidence based Catheter safety program available today and is proven to reduce infection rates and cut costs.

  • Automated CMS/NHSN Reporting
  • Improve CMS reimbursement
  • Dashboard monitoring with color coding
  • User defined rules for each type of catheter or dressing
  • Document dressing changes
  • HL7 Integration to EHR
  • Clinical occurrence reports to monitor compliance
  • Automated electronic checklists